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As beautifully created and complex individuals we require many tools to help us perform at our best. That's why taking care of our bodies isn't a one size fits all.  

When we take care of our physical, social and emotional beings we become better humans, stronger families and thriving communities. 

HITV aims to guide our community to a landing page where they'll find some of the best  professionals in the health and wellness industry who practice right here within the St. Croix Valley.  They're ready to help, educate and encourage you and your family to your healthiest self!

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    “Working with Dr. Kaitlin has been transformational for my entire body, my health and overall wellness, I am forever grateful for FIT PT. ”

    Fit PT

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    “The Highlight of Your Week!”

    The Dancing House

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    “I was new to yoga when the studio opened a few years ago, and this space has been a game changer for me! The instructors are, and have consistently been, so encouraging and motivating both mentally and physically. The space is safe, fun, challenging, and somehow always what I need it to be on a day to day basis. Can’t say enough good!! ”

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    “Fabulous midwives with great experience. They make you feel calm and comfortable right where you are. I’ve worked with both of these ladies and can attest they are beautiful humans and caregivers. If you are thinking of a homebirth you have to check Evensong Midwifery out.”

  • *******

    “Brittany is The Best. Highly Professional and extremely knowledgeable . i am fortunate to havé my Doctor recommend Velocity PT to me after my spinal surgery. These folks are the nicest to work with I've ever been to for my physical therapy needs!”

  • *******

    “Camille is such a nurturing person. I feel safe and comfortable when I work with her. If you are looking for some acupuncture give her a call as you won't be disappointed! ”