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As beautifully created and complex individuals we require many tools to help us perform at our best. That's why taking care of our bodies isn't a one size fits all.  

When we take care of our physical, social and emotional beings we become better humans, stronger families and thriving communities. 

In this guide, you'll find a list of passionate professionals in the health and wellness industry who practice right here within a ten mile radius of the St. Croix Valley.  They're ready to help, educate and encourage you and your family to your healthiest self!

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  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “Working with Dr. Kaitlin has been transformational for my entire body, my health and overall wellness, I am forever grateful for FIT PT. ”


    Fit PT

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “The Highlight of Your Week!”

    The Dancing House (6)

    The Dancing House

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

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